Latvian Logistics Association

Latvian Logistics Association (LLA) is established in 14 of November, 1997. Organisations and specialists in the fields of Logistics and Customs have joined in LLA with the main goal – to promote international  trade, ensure safe and reliable cargo flow trough Latvia and develop logistics and customs brokers activities in Latvia.

One of the main reasons why LLA was established at that time was need for completely new legislation acts in the field of Customs clearance operations. And Association was the body that took very active part in this legislation development process – new institution “Customs Brokers” was the outcome.

LLA has took part in establishing of Business Co-operation Council in Latvia, has joined IFCBA and CONFIAD organisations, has started active co-operation with European Logistics Association.

In the 1998 LLA has signed co-operation agreement with Russian National Customs Brokers Association.

In the 2013 LLA has signed co-operation agreement with Transport Union of Kazakhstan KAZLOGISTICS.

In close cooperation with Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Transport LLA has succeeded to implement a number of positive changes in the legislation of Latvia, which provide a very serious base for being a real transit gateway between Far East, Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

Our Board

Normunds Krūmiņš
Normunds KrūmiņšChairman of the Board
Margarita Brikmane
Margarita BrikmaneBoard Member, Customs and Taxation
Gints Caune
Gints CauneBoard Member, Warehousing and Logistics Centres
Egīls Krātiņš
Egīls KrātiņšBoard Member, Legal questions and Administration
Paulis Dālbergs
Paulis DālbergsBoard Member, Professional qualification
Andris Dobulis
Andris DobulisBoard Member, Supply Chain organization
Ainārs Gilis
Ainārs GilisBoard Member, Transport organization